Searching for Humanity Ver. 2.0

A thousand years ago, our produce was made to last a thousand years… Some hundred years ago most of it lasted a hundred years… Ten years ago most products lasted around ten years and now we’re supposed to accept that very few things will last beyond the warranty limits…

Disturbingly enough this phenomenon has been given the name “Planned obsolescense” and it was started a century ago by some of the largest lightbulb manufacturers who deliberatly limited the lifespan of lightbulbs to 2,500 hours.

These days you can hardly buy anything that is really made to last, without these deliberate limitations…

Today we are all supposed to go deeper and deeper in to debt, because this is the ONLY way we can create growth. You see, it’s the Central banks creation of new money that creates growth and absolutely nothing else!!!

So, what do we do when we realize that regardless which politicians we choose, it all stays roughly the same? Or realize that money and power no longer can provide the solution to our global problems and finally realize that money and power infact is what’s preventing us from ever being able to create a peaceful and safe world for all and when do we start exploring some real alternatives???

If fear that our present attitudes and values won’t give us anything but more of the same, which is Imageslowly destroying the environment as well as our selves, so what would you suggest we try instead???


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